2017 Young Writers Contest Awards Ceremony

Grades 6-8 Hannah Coon, Liam Bower, Paige Arent, Victoria Douglass, Otto Croshier

Grades 9-12 Juliana Losee, Claire Norman, Samantha Losee

2017 Young Writers Contest Winners



1st place Hannah Coon “Time Somebody Told Me” Grade 6

2nd place Izzy Cruz “Forever Changed My Life” Grade 8

3rd place Annette Prezzano “Dear Self” Grade 7

Honorable Mention

Krystal Hegarty “But I Love Him” Grade 6

Zachary Wessel “Just Because” Grade 6

Non Fiction

1st place Hannah Coon “Irena Sendler” Grade 6

2nd place Britney Mercado “Summary of Unbroken” Grade 8

3rd place Paige Arent “St. Joan of Arc” Grade 6

Honorable Mention

Aaminah Syed “Are Social Media Websites Neutral For Us?” Grade 8

Alex Storm “Should Pit Bulls Be Illegal To Have As Pets?” Grade 8

Evan McCarthy “Our Sole Survivor” Grade 8

Lucas Lejeune “First Flight” Grade 8

Rebekah Lamont “My Biggest Fear Became Reality” Grade 8

Ariana Foglia “My Life” Grade 8

Victoria Douglass “Educations In My Early Life” Grade 8

George Bruce “Is The NFL Trying To Protect Their Players?” Grade 8


1st place Otto Croshier “A Walk In The Woods The Door. . . ” Grade 8

2nd place Liam Bower “Battle Block Theatre” Grade 6

3rd place Giovaniel Flores Martinez “Random Powers” Grade 8

Honorable Mention

Kristian Wilson “Fell” Grade 8

Dillon Maisonet “Zero” Grade 8

Taylor Dykeman “Ivory’s Confidence” Grade 8

Victoria Douglas “Sofia And The Bullies” Grade 8

Michael Dillinger “Turbo Spool” Grade 8

Dalton Burns “The Lost Man” Grade 8

Kaylynn Bahorik “Life Is Worth Living” Grade 8

Raegan Smith “A Perfect Life” Grade 6

Tyler Coons “The Monsters In The Attic” Grade 6

Adolfo Lopez Cruz “The Stranded Man” Grade 8



1st place Mollie “Ty” Egan “The Sky Was Pink, Then Black” Grade 12

2nd place Juliana Losee “Unrelenting” Grade 10

3rd place Sierra Kapple “Light Without Darkness” Grade 10

Honorable Mention

Theodore E. Secor “The Tempest Feeds” Grade 12


1st place Samantha Losee “Good Advice And A Glimpse Of The Future” Grade 11

2nd place Mari Thompson “Velvet Horrors” Grade 12

3rd place Sierra Kapple “The Monster” Grade 10

Academic Non Fiction (with works cited)

1st place Juliana Losee “Feminism” Grade 10

2nd place Mari Thompson “Bringing Prostitution Out Of The Darkness” Grade 12

Creative Non Fiction (memoir)

1st place Claire Norman “A Sea Of Pink” Grade 11



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