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Book Discussion Group

  • The Pine Plains Free Library book discussion group’s next read is The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot. Henrietta Lacks, known to scientists as HeLa, was a poor, Southern tobacco farmer who worked the same land as her slave ancestors, yet her cells -taken without her knowledge – became one of the most important tools in medicine. The first “immortal” human cells grown in culture, they are still alive today, though she has been dead for more than sixty years. Her cells are used throughout the medical profession having been bought and sold by the billions. Yet, Henrietta Lacks remains virtually unknown. Want to become part of this exciting group and share your thoughts and feelings about this novel? The next meeting is Valentine’s Day, Thursday, February 14, 2013.
  • Product DetailsThe library book discussion group begins The Promise of Stardust by Priscilla Sibley on the second Thursday in April, 2013. Matt Beaulieu has loved Elle McClure since he was two years old. Now married and expecting their first child, Elle suffers a fatal accident. To keep the baby alive, Matt goes against his wife’s wishes and keeps his wife on life support. But Matt’s mother thinks that Elle should be euthanized, and she’s ready to fight for what she believes is the right thing – an examination of one of the most intricate ethical issues of our time.
  • How to Eat a CupcakeThe May Book Discussion Group selection is Meg Donohue’s How to Eat A  Cupcake. Free-spirited Annie Quintana and sophisticated Julia St. Clair come from two different worlds. Yet, as the daughter of the St. Clair’s housekeeper, Annie grew up in Julia’s San Francisco mansion and they forged a bond that only two little girls oblivious to class differences could – until a life altering betrayal destroyed their friendship. A decade later, Annie bakes to fill the void left in her heart by her mother’s death, and a painful secret jeopardizes Julia’s engagement to the man she loves. A chance reunion prompts the unlikely duo to open a cupcakery, but when a mysterious saboteur opens up old wounds, they must finally face the truth about their past or risk losing everything.